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The Robinson Mission celebrates this Saturday 20 years guaranteeing millions of Venezuelans the constitutional right to free, compulsory and quality education.


This is how BolĂ­var's entrance to Caracas is celebrated after defeating the royalists

Since its creation on July 1, 2003, the social program has contributed to the inclusion process, which freed the nation from illiteracy. With the use of the "Yo sĂ­ puedo" method developed by Cuban specialists and the support of the Venezuelan Armed Forces.

The "Yo sĂ­ puedo" method proved to be more comprehensible for adults who did not receive basic instruction during their childhood and youth.

The name of this Mission pays a well-deserved tribute to the teacher and thinker SimĂłn RodrĂ­guez, who decided to use the pseudonym Samuel Robinson during his time in hiding in Jamaica.

The Robinson Mission was made possible thanks to the wishes of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez, and Commander Fidel Castro, who saw the need to help Venezuelans overcome illiteracy resulting from decades of exclusion.

A little over two years after its creation, on October 28, 2005, Venezuela was declared a territory free of illiteracy by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco, for its acronym in English), after making 1,484,543 citizens literate, with which the illiteracy rate was below one percent.

Other achievements of the educational program have been the literacy of indigenous communities in the states of Amazonas, Anzoátegui, Apure, Bolívar, Delta Amacuro, Monagas, Sucre and Zulia, providing comprehensive assistance to one of the most neglected sectors of the nation.

Currently, the Robinson Mission continues to educate the most vulnerable population, helping millions of people to break the barriers of illiteracy.

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