What kind of man are you? Campaign in CDMX against machismo

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In the Mexico City (CDMX) four out of 10 women have suffered some type of violence from their partner, and given this, the The capital government announced a new campaign to attack sexist violence in the country's capital.

Under the motto, "What kind of man are you", and with messages like “#Women are not murdered, they are respected”; and “#women don't harass each other, they respect each other” Campaign is aimed at men, to raise awareness against crimes such as rape, assaults and murders against women.

The posters of the Campaignin charge of the Government Secretariats and the Women of the capital, in coordination with the Citizen Council of Security and Justice of Mexico City, have a direct message: “Do not attack women, women do not touch each other, women are respected,” said the Head of Government, Marti Batres.

It is “a campaign against rape, it is a campaign against aggression, it is a campaign against violence, but directed at men, to seek to raise awareness among men,” in order to eradicate machismo in Mexico City, to make it clear, she said, “that in the capital it is women's time.”

'What kind of man are you?', posters in CDMX

The posters They will be placed in various spaces in Mexico City to give the greatest dissemination, because – and with this I conclude – this campaign is important because, every day, more men are needed who recognize that today in the country and in the city is the time of women," he said. Batres Guadarrama.

For his part, the president of Citizen Council for Security and Justice in Mexico City, Salvador Guerrero Chiprés pointed out that at the national level, four out of every 10 women have suffered intimate partner violence each year, a figure that has been maintained “for several years.

He specified that the Campaign “It's about showing what's behind it or what the other coin is; the shadow of sexist violence”, referring that according to data from the National Survey on the Dynamics of Household Relationships, 36 percent of the violence committed against women is psychological, 20 percent is economic and patrimonial. , 17 percent physical and 7 percent sexual.

In it Citizen Council through the Line, WOMEN *765, In the last 14 months, 1,087 cases of violence against women have been attended to, he noted.

Through the campaign "What kind of man are you?"awareness will be raised that in Mexico feminicide is a crime punishable by up to 70 years in prison, while sexual harassment is punishable by up to four years in prison, indicated Salvador Guerrero Chiprés.

He concluded a call to reflect, and rethink the “Yes you can change, change”, to deconstruct that sexist structure that we carry inside.”


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