What it is and how to identify smishing or theft with SMS

What it is and how to identify smishing or theft
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deception with text message (infobae)

The term smishing is a combination of the words “SMS” (Short Message Service) and “phishing”, and refers to a form of stroke that deceives to obtain confidential data with urgent messages that supposedly come from a bank, authority or other entity.

They often transmit a sense of urgencysince they are written requesting a quick action or response, which prevents most victims from analyzing the situation.

Furthermore, the attackers pose as recognized entitiessuch as banks or companies, using fake text messages that arouse the victim's trust, which may include malicious links or telephone numbers to respond.

These can lead to fake websites looking to steal data or install malware on the devices of those affected.

When an app is not responding, the best way is to turn off the phone. (Freepik)
When an app is not responding, the best way is to turn off the phone. (Freepik)

In fact, the main objective of smishing is persuade people to reveal sensitive information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

That is why pcollection becomes the main defense against this type of scam with these recommendations from Alexa Matteri, Latin America leader for Norton:

- Be cautious: Be wary of unsolicited text messages that ask for personal or financial information.

- Verify the source: If you receive a message that appears to be from a legitimate institution, verify authenticity by calling the entity using trusted contact information, not the data provided in the message.

- Do not click on suspicious links or download files unknown text message attachments.

- Don't share sensitive information: Never share sensitive or personal information via text messages unless you are sure of the authenticity of the sender.

- Use security measures: Keep your security software updated and use malware protection solutions on your devices.

- Report: If you receive a smishing message, report it to the legitimate entity and the corresponding cybersecurity authorities.

Also, it is recommended to delete the received message and block the number from which it was sent.

Among the cyber scams committed through smishing is the deception known as the “held package”, which has caught the attention of authorities and users concerned about its modus operandi since it takes advantage of the expectation of receiving deliveries and exploits the trust that people place in courier and shipping services.

“Packet held” fraud is relatively simple but effective.

Scammers send text messages, emails or other communicationsalerting victims about the alleged retention of a package that could not be delivered due to various reasons, such as customs problems, non-payment of fees or insufficient documents.

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The goal is to create a sense of urgency and anxiety in the victim, leading them to believe that they need to take immediate action to release the package.

In many cases, links or phone numbers are provided to “resolve” the situation.

By clicking on the links or contacting the numbers provided, the victim may be exposed to the loss of personal or financial data or be directed to malicious websites.

To counteract the damage, the previous recommendations must be taken into account.

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