What is Xiaomi TV Stick? The smartphone brand turns your television into Smart TV

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Mexico.-Is your television already obsolete? There are several options to give it a second life, as an example we have the Xiaomi TV Stick from the smartphone brand.

The Xiaomi TV Stick is a device that allows you to update old screens so that they become Smart TVs, even if they do not have software dedicated to this.

Once installed, you will be able to see multimedia content on your screen, even in 4K resolution if your screen supports that definition.

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Placing the Xiaomi TV Stick is very simple, to the point that you just have to take the device out of its packaging and connect it to the television to turn it into a Smart TV.

The Xiaomi TV Stick consists of a remote control and a sensor the size of a USB memory stick. To install the device you just have to do the following:

  • Place the Xiaomi TV Stick sensor in the HDMI port of your television
  • Link the sensor to your home internet network
  • Wait for it to update
  • Now choose the “HDMI” option in the menu of your TV to access the Xiaomi TV Stick

With this, your television is now a Smart TV, having access to various streaming platforms such as Netflix and Prime Video; in addition to an internet search engine based on Google.

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The regular price of the Xiaomi TV Stick is 999 pesos on average in physical and online stores, such as Amazon; however, you can find it at a good discount.

With this you can give your old screen a second chance, or even place the device on any monitor with HDMI input.

Well, the Xiaomi TV Stick device will be constantly updated without the need for you to change your screen in the near future.

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With information from Xiaomi.



By Pablo López


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