What is the price of the dollar TODAY in Mexico? | November 6, 2023

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When starting operations TODAY November 6re, the dollar was sold for up to 18.40 pesos over the counter in banks. Meanwhile, the interbank exchange rate stands at 17.57 units per dollar, with a loss of 0.66 percent compared to Friday's reference price.

He mexican peso dropsto against the dollar, in a brake on its bullish streak after having marked its best weekly performance since June 2021 in the previous session, given the expectation that the tough financing conditions in USA They could begin to moderate.

Why is the Mexican peso losing?

According to Banco Base, the peso begins the session with a depreciation of 0.51 percent or 8.9 cents, trading around 17.55 pesos per dollar, with the exchange rate touching a minimum of 17.40 and a maximum of 17.56 pesos per dollar.

The depreciation is due to a rebound, since last week the peso showed an appreciation of 3.58 percent or 64.9 cents, driven by the growth of the GDP of Mexico in the third quarter and due to the expectation that the Federal Reserve Your interest rate will no longer rise.

Most depreciated currencies are:

  • Mexican peso with 0.54 percent.
  • New Zealand dollar with 0.52 percent.
  • Chilean peso with 0.43 percent.
  • Japanese yen with 0.29 percent.
  • South African rand with 0.26 percent.
  • Australian dollar with 0.25 percent.

Most appreciated currencies are:

  • South Korean won with 1.92 percent.
  • Malaysian ringgit with 1.81 percent.
  • Indonesian Rupiah with 1.22 percent.
  • Israeli shekel with 0.97 percent.
  • Taiwanese dollar with 0.46 percent.

Last week the publication highlighted China of the foreign direct investment figures as of the third quarter of 2023, showing a capital outflow (or disinvestment) of 11.8 billion dollars, being the first time that a disinvestment flow of foreign direct investment from China has been recorded. This capital outflow is a direct consequence of the trade war with USA.

Regarding economic indicators of Mexicothe formal employment figures of the IMSS to the month of October. During the week the following publications will be relevant: automotive registration data for the month of October tomorrow, consumer inflation for the month of October on Thursday, manufacturing and industrial production and the survey of international travelers for the month of September on Friday.

For its part, in United Statess, tomorrow the trade balance and consumer credit figures for the month of September are expected, while on Wednesday the University of Michigan's advance consumer sentiment for November will be published.

During the session, the exchange rate is expected to trade between 17.40 and 17.65 pesos per dollar.

Dollar in real time

He euro It is sold at the counter for a maximum of 20.20 pesos and purchased for 18.86 pesos. For its part, the pound sterling It is offered at 22 pesos and purchased at 21.76 pesos.

He Bank of Mexico (Banxico) registered an exchange rate of 17.41 pesos per dollar in the previous session.

With information from Reuters


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