What is the "death star" at Costco and why it is important to know

which they have baptized as “the star of death”.

Consumers have placed an asterisk in the middle of a parenthesis in the upper right corner of the label of some products in the store

which they have baptized as “the star of death”. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesSome Costco shoppers may not know this, but

there are some secrets that can help you make a better decision when making your purchases . For this reason, it is important to pay attention as usual when you check the products in the aisles of the store closest to your location.

Consumers have located in the upper right corner of the label of some products in the store an asterisk in the middle of a parenthesiswhich they have baptized as “the star of death”.

Although on the surface it might not say much, actually the punctuation mark indicates that the warehouse will not reorder the item , according to the Costco Fans Facebook page. In other words, the product has been discontinued at this location.

The brand name, which could well mean that the product is gone forever, would also have another meaning. Quora Forum User Dimitri Vulis said that some death star items are seasonal sales they may return at a particular time of year.

Other users have noted that

if you see packages with this mark they are most likely the last ones left in the warehouse and unlikely to be there for your next visit to the store.

Their recommendation is to buy them while you can.
The next time you see the "death star" on a Costco product, you might want to stock up before it's partially or fully recalled.
On your next visit to Costco you will be able to find among several items that the company relaunched for its new autumn season. Several items alluding to Halloween stand out, as well as their pumpkin pie whose price is cheaper than last year.
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