What is Project Texas, TikTok's strategy to continue operating in the United States

TikTok presented to members of Congress an initiative called Project Texas With which they hope to dispel all doubts regarding the handling they make of the information of their users in the United States.

This is a plan that contemplates offering security mechanisms that reassure the US authorities in such a way that they allow TikTok to continue operating in the United States as it has been doing so far.

Project Texas was also introduced to academic researchers and cybersecurity experts in order to receive support from different sectors.

The name of the TikTok initiative is believed to be related to one of its most important partners in the United States, Oracle.which has its main offices in the state of Texas.

The agreement with Oracle is extremely important for TikTok, since it is through this company that the social network can store the data of its users on servers located on North American soil. In this way they guarantee in the eyes of the authorities that the Chinese government will not have access to the information of its hundreds of millions of users, which is one of the fears of the authorities.

It is estimated that in total TikTok would be investing about $1.5 billion in Project Texaswhich, although it is a significant figure, is seen by the company as a small cost to pay in order to remain operating in the United States

Block TikTok

The initiative of the social network comes at a time when The possibility of implementing a blockade that prevents Americans from continuing to access TikTok is being debated in the United States.

This has already been seen in the case of some public universities that have informed their students and professors that from now on the wireless networks of said study centers will no longer allow access to the application.

Added to this is the call from authorities such as the governor of Texas himself, Greg Abbot, of Ban the phones of public officials from accessing TikTok.

"TikTok collects vast amounts of data from its users' devices, including when, where, and how they perform activities on the Internet, and offers this trove of potentially sensitive information to the Chinese government," Abbot argued at the time.

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