What is Instagram Plus and why you have to be careful when installing the app

Instagram could delete the accounts of users who use third-party applications to access its services

Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images

Piracy is a problem that affects many companies and brands around the world, damaging their image with products and services of lower quality than the original version.

This class of problems is not limited to the merely business sphere, since the same thing happens in the technological world with applications that reach the market replicating an original idea or concept.

Such is the case of Instagram plus a modified application of the social network which promises features that are not present in the official version of the social network owned by Meta.

Among the options that Instagram Plus presents is the ability to zoom in on any photo, something that Instagram only allows in the case of images that are part of the feed. Added to this is the ability to download content posted by other users on the platform.

Another feature of this is that It has the option to configure it so that by default all videos with audio are played, which is not possible in the Instagram app where it is necessary to press a button to have sound.

Unlike the official version of the application that can be downloaded from both the Play Store for Android users and the App Store for those with iOS, Instagram Plus must be downloaded from repositories that are not verified.

For this reason the user must download and install an APK file, from a third party, which could compromise the security of both their device and their Instagram account.

What’s more, You are exposed to the social network deleting your accounts and that the use of third-party applications represents a violation of the terms of service.

This is not the only problem of this type that Meta has to deal with, as something similar also happens with WhatsApp, its instant messaging service, which has illegal versions called WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp.

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