What is and how does a short shifter work

What is and how does a short shifter work?

These days, most new vehicles come built with automatic transmissions loaded with technology that makes driving on the road easier. However, there is still a select group of the “old school” who prefer drive with manual gearbox, just as it happened before when this type of transmission was not as popular as it is now.

By executing the gears manually, it could be said that there is greater control over the car, as well as a greater driving sensation, where one of the types of levers that exists is the short one.

As the name implies, the short shifter is so named due to being smaller than those originally fitted to cars, although the height of the piece itself does not vary. Also, the distance between gears is shorter, changing gears more quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

A lot of people may think that the short shifter is just a shorter version, but it’s not. It reduces the shift angle after pushing the pivot point of the lever.

The lever always has connections between gears, which when raised generates the effect of cutting the distance between the joint and the lever itself, reducing the amplitude of the oscillation of the hand when changing gears.

Benefits of having a short shifter

If you’re wondering if a stick shift makes a difference, yes. One of the advantages it brings is the greater precision when raising and lowering gears, therefore, it is common to see them in race cars. Secondly, totally changes the driving experience giving attractive feelings of power over the vehicle, making the driver immersed in driving and appreciate the response of sound, vibration, acceleration, and of course, speed changes.

As it is frequently used in racing vehicles, it provides a sporty aesthetic look that many owners seek to have in their cars. Finally, can be customized to add that unique touch of each person, according to their respective tastes or preferences, raising the internal status of satisfaction of the owner with his car.

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