What does Uruguay need to reach the round of 16 in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? What crosses and rivals can touch him?

(CNN Spanish) — The Portuguese team beat Uruguay 2-0 on Monday, in the match corresponding to the second day of Group H in the World Cup in Qatar.

With two goals from Bruno Fernandes, the Lucitanos took victory, which already automatically classifies them to the round of 16 of the tournament regardless of what happens in the last game of the group stage.

Uruguay, for its part, remained at the bottom of the group with 1 unit and a goal difference of -2.

This means that qualifying for the round of 16 has just become a daunting task for the South Americans, as they will not only need a victory in the last group game, but also depend on a combination of results that favors them.

What does Uruguay need to be in the round of 16?

First, let’s remember how the Group H positions were after matchday 2:

  1. Portugal — 6 points (goal difference +3)
  2. Ghana — 3 points (zero difference)
  3. South Korea — 1 point (-1 difference)
  4. Uruguay — 1 point (difference of -2)

In matchday 3 of this group, we will see the following matches: Portugal vs. South Korea and Uruguay vs. Ghana.

To qualify for the round of 16, Uruguay needs a victory against Ghana, and expect a draw in the Portugal vs. South Korea or a victory for the Europeans.

If the Uruguayans win but South Korea does the same, we will have to wait and see how the goal difference turns out. If Ghana wins against Uruguay or the game is drawn, the South Americans will be out of Qatar.

possible crosses

If Uruguay manages to reach the round of 16, their rival would be a selection from Group G.

The South Americans only have a chance to qualify as second place in Group H, since they no longer have a way to reach the 6 points that Portugal has achieved so far.

Taking this into account, if it goes to the round of 16, the only possible match for Uruguay is the first place in Group G, which everything indicates that it will be Brazil.