What does the 11:11 portal mean and how to take advantage of the latest one in 2023?

What does the 11:11 portal mean and how to take
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Today, Saturday, November 11, 2023 It is a date that is considered in numerology and for thousands of people a special day as it is a energy portal which symbolizes the attraction of various channels of good luck as 11 is considered a master number.

This is how, from the early hours of this Saturday, Internet users shared on social networks publications about this date, which for many is synonymous with bode well and a date when they can express wishesaccording to some beliefs.

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Why is 11:11 an important portal?

According to numerologywhich is responsible for studying the relationship that exists between numbers, some letters and formulas to define the vibrations of living beings and how influence about the people and objects around them.

In this context, 11:11 is a sign of a spiritual presence and there is a belief that it has mystical powers Likewise, some people explain this phenomenon as opportunitiesalthough skeptics they see it as a coincidence or a message from collective unconscious.

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In this sense, today 11/11/2023 is important since 1+1+1+1+2+0+2+3 Its result is 11, so the duality of this date symbolizes double pillars that are related to the connection between the material and spiritual world. Likewise, it is worth remembering that November is the 11th month of the year and according to believers, it can be used as a portal for awakening or spiritual growth.

How to take advantage of the last 11:11 of 2023?

On November 11, the 11:11 portal opens, which is the ideal moment to visualize objectives clearly, define goals and release aspects that no longer serve. The meditation It is a good activity to take advantage of this November 11, which is the last day of this nature which will occur in 2023.

This can be done in a period of five to 10 minutes or as long as necessary, as long as connect with the present to find a solid state dand greater relaxation. Later you can take a tea with rosemarywhich is attributed the ability to dissipate the negative energies and thus, promote a feeling of both cleanliness and spiritual renewal.

Taking a shower relaxing will also help on this day, as it is one of the favorite activities of many people to log off outside and focus on your thoughts. Finally thank It is one of the actions that most positive effects they have, because it makes one value the present and prepare for what comes next


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