What does 'La Caponera' mean, a term that was made viral by Lucero in the series 'El Gallo de Oro'

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Lucero on the golden rooster (Ig Luceromexico)

Within hours of its premiere, the series The golden rooster, which is an adaptation of the novel by Juan Rulfo has already started to give people something to talk about. Well, not only does it tell a classic of Mexican literature, but it also brings Lucero back to television after long years of absence.

Bernarda The Caponera, is the character he gives life to America's Bride and who within the plot serves as a palenque and fair singer who challenges the feminine stigmas of the post-revolutionary era. If you have already started watching this series that is available on Vix Below we tell you what the meaning of this curious term is.

In order to understand a little better, we must go back to the world of birds, since the term 'capon' refers to whats chickens with shiny plumage What are they castrated at the age of one and a half months in order to avoid hormonal changes. This would make them less aggressive and only focus on eating and sleeping.

(courtesy Vix)
(courtesy Vix)

But this type of practice has not historically been limited only to this type of beings, since according to the text The stark voice. An approach to the song and body of New Spain by Alfredo Nava Sánchez, in ancient times - whether in Europe, Peru or New Spain itself - the capon singers.

That is, they also had some type of genital castration and, therefore, had voices that were considered privileged due to the acuity of their tone.

The couple changes their lives when they meet. (Courtesy: Vix)
The couple changes their lives when they meet. (Courtesy: Vix)

Although over the years there have been several versions about the reason why Juan Rulfo, several analyzes agree that the character Lucero currently plays represents a woman who is going to against the current of feminine impositions of that time.

In the thesis, the symbols and archetypal images of the Mexican woman in El gallo de oro, by Juan Rulfo drafted Neli Suárez Aldana mentions that The Caponera faces the loss of your freedom(which could be metaphorically translated as somehow part of her is 'castrated'), but in exchange for this she will be able to paradoxically emancipate herself in another way that few will expect.

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