What disease has made André Marín move away from television?

After the chain Fox Sports Mexico confirmed this Wednesday that the commentator André Marín will stay away from his program ‘The Last Word’ To focus on his recovery, various versions of the presenter’s health have circulated on social networks.

However, it was Marín himself who revealed in 2020 that he had acquired the bacteria formerly called Clostridium difficile and that the most recent medical literature identifies as Clostridioides difficile.

“It is an infection in the stomach that, if you do not take care of it with very strong antibiotics, can perforate the intestine and the pancreas. You don’t know how it can get to you, because my doctors used to tell me that you can even drink it on ice in a restaurant and it makes your stomach go to pieces. It is not a simple infection, what happened to me was much stronger “assured the sports journalist during an interview with Javier Alarcón.

According to researchers at Mount Sinai in the United States, this bacterium annually infects half a million people in that country.

The Clostridioides difficile causes various health problems such as diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, fever, and abdominal pain among the most visible symptoms.

However, according to the available data 10% of those over 65 who are infected with this bacterium die as a consequence of it.

Antibiotics can be the cause of the multiplication of this bacteriumsince they alter the intestinal balance and favor its proliferation, which can cause severe colitis and other more serious diseases.

Marín himself explained it during his interview with Alarcón: “In general, bacteria C. difficile are found in the environment, but people are commonly only infected with C. difficile when they are taking antibiotics. This is because antibiotics not only kill harmful germs, they also kill the good germs that protect your body from infection.”

For this reason, if you come into contact with this class of bacteria during the time you take antibiotics, especially if it is more than a week, You can get this disease.

“The antibiotics were totally taken so that they went directly to the belly and did not do any harm. It’s hell and until those things happen to you, you don’t seriously value when you have health “, assured the sports journalist.