What are we becoming?

Leaning on a walker he could hardly walk, you only had to look at his legs to know what was preventing him from moving forward, it was a neuropathy, a generic condition that in many cases affects the feet.

His dark sweater, which he was wearing on the treadmill, threatened to fall to the ground. I saw him stop from the opposite corner, the traffic on Sixth Street and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles at around 3 in the afternoon is intense.

I had just gotten out of my annual eye exam. The man could not have been more than 60 years old, with dark skin and curly hair, all curly.

The effort of dragging his legs was visible. I crossed in the opposite direction from him and stood on the corner, I had a feeling that something bad was about to happen and I wasn't sure if I or anyone else could prevent it.

The time to cross ran out and the stranger was left standing in the middle of the street; Crossing avenues when Los Angeles traffic is moving is not a good idea. Less when half of the population that drives is focused on the messages they receive on what's up.

In which I measured the danger and debated if I should risk crossing the street to help that homeless man. A young woman in shorts, carrying in her right hand the rope with which she was holding a dog, crossed the street and stood beside the stranger, forcing the cars to stop.

Immediately the first gesture of inhumanity occurred, the unrestrained sound of a driver's horn signaling the green light, at the same time that she gestured for the two to step aside so that she could advance. Far from obeying, the altruistic young woman walked towards the car window as if claiming the lack of sensitivity to the pain of a human being.

Seeing the scene, the man pushed his body forward, his legs did not respond. The young woman returned to his side and unhurriedly helped him until the man was out of danger. No one else came to help.

With the little cash I found in my wallet, I hurried to cross the corner again, I approached that man who, with his eyes fixed on the ground, his sword bent revealing a white shirt that had not touched the water for a long time; he could barely move. "For your breakfast," I told him.

Before accepting the money, he looked at me from the side with his sad, shiny eyes and white pupils, barely and smiled before saying "Bless you". I hurried away, ashamed of having deposited in her hands a meager five-dollar handout.

Hours later, the image of that scene on Broadway could not be erased from my mind, a sick human being who cried out for help, but who seemed to be drowning in a sea of ​​indifference among so many people, who far from listening to him, they were outraged at having delayed them a few seconds. What are we becoming?

Alicia Alarcón is a Mexican journalist based in Los Angeles.

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