What a movie!, “Before the Rain” in Washington, DC

The very well made film “Before the Rain” presents us with a human drama with deep roots and sobering consequences. The professionalism of the Salvadoran actresses: Patricia Rodríguez in the role of “María” and Isabel Dada (QDDG) who displayed all her artistic potential in this her latest film, as well as the Spanish actress living in Honduras Irma López, make a cast that guarantees the success and good reception of the film.


The viewer will be captivated from the beginning and little by little trapped in the development of the human drama that, on the one hand, efforts are made to forget or avoid the pain of having left the children in the country of origin. And on the other, there is anguish at losing his memory due to Alzheimer’s and he desperately tries to remember.


Forgetting and remembering is a conflicting theme but one that has been finely and very responsibly treated by the film’s director, the Salvadoran Brenda Vanegas. I had the pleasure of seeing the feature film and in it there are no violent scenes, nor has human nature been trivialized. Although yes, well, it could be understood that the violence happens internally, with the emotions of the young woman who wants to forget the heartbreak of a man who never appears on the scene, but her ghost is present in María’s animosity.


And at the other extreme is the relationship of a daughter who seeks the maximum well-being for her beloved parent who little by little is losing her memory. Having to work to provide income and cover the new expenses for the care of her mother; The daughter hires María, who due to various vicissitudes is forced to take the job of caring for the elderly.


In times of stuffy and gimmicky films, with visual abuse of all kinds, it is very gratifying and encouraging to watch “Before the Rain” and even more to know that it is a product of Salvadoran talent, that it has the wood to seriously position itself in the good taste of the public. who seeks recreation, entertainment, but at the same time, to enrich himself as a person and promote his cultural heritage.


The film is a letter of introduction to the training and human quality of its director: Brenda Vanegas, who studied Social Communication at the Mónica Herrera School of Communication. In 2006 he traveled to New York to live with his mother, where his vision of the world changed, living with migrant Latina women, he works and in 2007 he traveled to Spain to do a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting for Film and Television at the TAI School. (Madrid).


In 2011 he founded his own production company “La Estación” in El Salvador. In 2016, together with Mario Soundy, they founded the production company “Encantada de la Vida”, which absorbs “La Estación”. And there is work and accumulated experience that promises constant growth in the next films. In good time for Brenda and Mario!


Another wonderful gift that accompanies the film festival, at the GALA Theater is to visit the “Contrapuntos” art gallery, curated by the cultural manager, musician and diplomat Pablo Zúñiga. The luxury of works on display are by prominent artists: Nicolás Shi, Muriel Hasbun, David Amoroso, Jorge Dunn, Sergio Olivos, Ubaldo Sánchez, Wilfredo Valladares and Marité Vidales.


Salvadoran diaspora writer, Master in Hispanic American Literature from PUCP.


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