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It's the question I asked Veronica Macias in the program The minute my destiny changed and which will be broadcast on Saturday at 9:00 p.m. on Image Television.

The interview is extremely interesting. She tells of the emotional problems that she had as a child, because according to her story, the treatment was always unequal with her parents, since her darling was always her sister and she grew up with many traumas.

I invite you not to miss this conversation on open television Channel 3.1, because not everything has been said.


I'm talking about Sergio Mayer, who has a long list of negative actions against many people in the environment and also outside it; For example, how to forget when she died Edgar Ponce?, who died in a motorcycle accident while he was working, since Mayer He forced them to drive at midnight, without helmets, without protection, without permission and, unfortunately, a car ran over them and he died. But Mayer He never compensated them. Another very unfortunate detail was that for many years, they say, she collected internet royalties from Jose josewho really found it funny for what he charged on social networks and never gave him real accounts.

One more detail was when he boasted everywhere that he was the producer of the show. Sie7ewhich gave two functions and ended up firing dozens of employees, whom it did not even compensate according to the law.

And so we can continue with the misdeeds that are attributed to Mayer.

This is without counting the countless publications in books, where they assure that Sergio Mayer Breton had links with organized crime groups, such as Beltran Leyva. There are several alleged crimes in this vein, which I will not mention because I am running out of space in this column, but the publications are there.

The most outstanding thing, in recent days, are the statements of the members of GB5: Charlie, Paty Manterola and Katia, about what Mayer He fired them without any justification, he insulted the women; for example, to Katia He told him that his name was worthless, next to him.

And the last thing is that he wanted Televisa to veto them and expel them from the 90's Pop Tourbecause he threatened that he would sue Bobo Producciones if they hired them.

This one I just described is Sergio Mayer, who claims to be head of Government of CDMX, but says he is independent. What is his experience? having been next to Wendy in it Team hell. Why do we want more?

Gustavo A Infante
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