Wendy Guevara: real reasons for not participating in a soap opera

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The entertainment journalist Monick Huitrón revealed the alleged real reason why Wendy Guevara, did not participate in Love has no recipe, soap opera produced by Juan Osorio.

And after the winner of The House of the Famous Mexico He was a member of the Vix reality show, he began to gain fame in the world of television. Everything pointed to the fact that his career was no longer only going to develop on social networks.but she was also going to become an actress in a soap opera.

However, it soon became known that Guevara had chosen to decline the proposal of being a soap opera actress; preferred follow in the world of social networks and their presentations alongside 'Las Perdidas'.

Why Wendy Guevara rejected the soap opera

Now, the entertainment journalist Huitrón highlighted that the real reason why Wendy decided not to participate in the soap opera because, supposedly, you do not feel sufficiently prepared to play a television role.

He assured that 'La Perdida' did not want to fix that aspect eithersince after knowing that I had to study at the Televisa's Center for Artistic Education (CEA) refused to work on the novel.

"Wendy did not accept, at first, because Wendy does not feel comfortable being surrounded by prepared people, people who shine a lot, disciplined people. When Wendy was told what the work schedules are in a novel. When Wendy was told that he had to prepare, that he had to take classes in the Art Education Center (CEA), from Televisa, and at what time she had to arrive, that is, everything that any actress that you see on Televisa does (...) did not want to."

The journalist added that Guevara required the same preparation that television hosts have. He assured that television is not about "say 'Results and Highlights' because there is a lot behind it".

"And Wendy said: 'Well, I who have succeeded here, without studies, without any type of preparation, leave me alone. And finally because she believed that I was the person that all of Mexico was waiting for,' the journalist concluded.

Who is going to participate in Juan Osorio's soap opera?

According to Juan Osorio, The soap opera will star Venezuelan actor Daniel Elbittar and Claudia Martín, 44 and 34 years old respectively. The program will feature the participation of Azela Robinson and Altaír Jarabo.


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