Weaving silk or spinning jargon 2023/10/06

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We have always seen those who do filigree politics and those who do barbajan politics. It is said that those have an angel's hand to weave silk while these have a trunk to spin jargon. Let's take three cases from our current time.

The first refers to what Morena will do with its capital candidacy, the most coveted entity for them. Many indications announce the candidacy of Omar GarcĂ­a Harfuch. He has assets. He did a good job of security. And that's difficult. He was a police chief who was liked by citizens. And that was impossible. He has a good strain and that helps. His grandfather, his father and his mother garnered appreciation and respect. He has a good image and has a good godmother. You could say that he already has it made.

The only problem is that he is not a deep-rooted Morenista and he is going against an applicant who is, plus she also has merits. If her candidacy is haggled over, Clara Brugada's reaction is dangerous. I'm not saying she would play against it, but it's very likely that she won't play. Morena and her candidate would pay for it with votes. Maybe even with defeat. It is, therefore, not a minor matter.

The obligation appears to them to weave finely and not crudely. Scar. Comfort. Indemnify. Unify. But we already know that political refinement is not a habit of the Morenistas. If they treat Clara Brugada like they treated Marcelo Ebrard, their only hope would be that the Alliance candidacy was weak and their vote was poor. May the capital's PRI members be as apathetic in 2024 as the Mexican PAN members were in 2023.

The second case refers to what Claudia Sheinbaum will do with Ricardo Monreal. Fine spinning would recommend appointing him Secretary of the Interior. Firstly, because he is considered experienced, strong and skilled, qualities that have not yet been attributed to the former regent. She would help herself a lot since the announcement.

But, also, because she is labeled as a wimp. Absolutely, I don't think it is or will be. But my good opinion is a minority and she must stop the slander with an important appointment in favor of someone who is a Morenista, but who is not a LĂłpez Obradorista.

In 1976, JosĂ© LĂłpez Portillo was considered a wimp. But he appointed JesĂșs Reyes Heroles as Secretary of the Interior, who had not even been his follower, but rather another candidate. But Luis EcheverrĂ­a and Reyes Heroles had a known antipathy for each other and that was a clear message for public opinion, for the political class and for EcheverrĂ­a. Furthermore, Reyes Heroles had prestige, he had presence and he had a project. Neither more nor less, one of the two most important Mexican political inventions of the last 150 years.

In 1988, Carlos Salinas appointed Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios not because he was his friend. There was a need or commitment to keep Manuel Bartlett in the cabinet, but not in the Interior. Everything had to be changed in Bucareli and that was done with a secretary of the same caliber as the previous one. Later, in 1993, there he appointed Patrocinio Gonzålez Blanco, an enemy of Manuel Camacho. Not everyone understood the Salinist message. But it was a very fine fabric.

The third case will be what the FAM alliance members do to ensure their victory in 2024. Organize seriously now, with inclusion and leadership? Put together a co-government with partisans like Silvano Aureoles, Santiago Creel, Enrique de la Madrid, Beatriz Paredes and non-partisans like José Antonio Meade? Open citizen participation? Take surveys seriously? And, above all, a promise of change. Change is your best offer and your most desired delicacy.

In all these cases we will see if they weave guipure, alpaca and camel-hair or if they only spin blanket, jute and Indian-head. As a politician, when I think about the famous weavers I prefer to relegate Arachne or Penelope and I stick with the spinners of Remedios Varo.

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