Wearing a high-cut swimsuit Kenya Says goodbye to summer


Kenya Os.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer for Spotify/Getty Images

Kenya Os pleased his more than 13 million followers in Instagram with some photographs that show her on board a yacht, wearing dark glasses and a high-cut swimsuit with which she showed off her spectacular figure. The message that she wrote next to her post It was “goodbye summer tq”.

The beautiful Mexican singer constantly has surprises ready for her fans, and now she has prepared them with some images in which she appears very sexy, wearing a blue bodysuit with a metallic finish. It is very likely that it is the wardrobe for the video of your theme “Mine”which will premiere on September 29: “Activate your reminder, write it down bb 💋💋🤞🏼”.

Meanwhile, Kenya continues to promote her single “All my love”whose video has so far garnered more than six million views on Youtube. She also was invited by the duet Ha Ash to collaborate on the topic “My date with you”thus gaining more fans.

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