We work in coordination to improve security in Sonora: Alfonso Durazo

Sonora.- Sonora is below the national average in all crimes, so the State Security Board will continue to work intensely and in close collaboration with all levels of government to provide peace to citizens, highlighted the governor. Alfonso Durazo Montano.

During his weekly press conference in the company of María Dolores del Río Sánchez, Secretary of Public Security, and Omar del Valle Colosio, Secretary of the Treasury, Governor Durazo Montaño explained that to the extent that there is a greater state of force in different regions, can be had with optimal results.

“The strategy is yielding results, and if they question me about whether it can be improved, we can always do things better, if we feel satisfied with what we are doing over time we run the risk of becoming mediocre, it is always possible to improve, and in The moment we have a greater permanent state of force in Caborca, the area will obviously have better security,” he indicated.

The state president announced that at the national level Sonora ranks 23rd in the total criminal incidence, but it is hoped that with the coordinated work of the State Security Table, which brings together different institutions, as well as an increase in the state of strength, you can reach position 32.

Likewise, he explained that on February 14, the Secretary of the Navy seized more than three tons of cocaine that, according to the investigations, were destined for the beaches of Caborca ​​to be sent to the United States, resulting in the arrest of six people. .

“We speculate that one of the possible routes for this cargo was the beaches of Caborca, obviously heading to the border with the United States. This data has been outside the information scene, and it is a fundamental piece to understand many events,” he commented.

Governor Durazo Montaño revealed that, as a medium-term measure, to address the security issue in the Caborca ​​region, a barracks will be built to house 500 new elements of the Mexican Army, as well as the construction of a National Guard barracks for this municipality that will accommodate 100 new troops.

With information from the Government of Sonora

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