We work for the greatness of Chiapas: Sasil De León

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The senator for Chiapas, Sasil de Leónpresented this Saturday his fifth report on legislative work before more than 10 thousand people.

In it Bicentennial Park of Tuxtla Gutiérrez She gave a message as part of the five years she has served as a legislator.

He indicated that he has already presented more than one hundred initiatives before the plenary session for the benefit of Mexico and the people of Chiapas.

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For example, he said that he participated in raising to constitutional rank social programs such as the universal pension for older adults, scholarships for low-income students, the universal pension for people with different abilities, as well as more than 10 initiatives in order to strengthen the role of women in the public life of the country.

The senator placed special emphasis on the actions promoted in favor of the communities and native peoples of the entityas well as those historically vulnerable populations.

“After many years, we stopped being governed by those whose priority was to satisfy the interests of a few at the expense of the well-being of the population. Today we govern together and for the people, for everyone.” he pointed.

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He said he has traveled all over the state and permanently visited the municipalities that make up the entity.

“The legislative exercise has been a unique opportunity for me to translate the priorities of our movement into concrete actions. Together we work on behalf of various vulnerable groups, we consolidate the creation of a national health system, which we see today as a right, not a privilege. Because for the good of all, the poor first” he added.

Sasil is the only woman to represent Chiapas in the Senate of the Republic.

“From here I tell you that my vocation and commitment will always be with the people of Chiapas. As I have always done: I will continue working for the greatness of this state. May the fourth transformation not stop, may hope continue, may equality live and may love live.”he expressed.

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