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Carlos J. Perez Garcia.

Yoanyway, we said, we must take into account certain reflections Let them come to the point... instead of anecdotes and even official rudeness. Look, after my previous column I continued fishing quotes this week and there is still a lot the authors are trying to warn us about, as you will appreciate.

"Revolutions are necessary, but when those from below reach the top, it is very common for them to become people from above and forget those from below." – A. Pérez Reverte.

"Populism is just a speech that seeks popularity and cancels the prospect of solid results." - Anonymous.

"A poor and uneducated people helps the dominance of popular and authoritarian power." – P. Munoz Ledo.

"The welfare of the people has always been the excuse of tyrants." – A. Camus, Nobel 1957.

"An educated people is not only wise but also freer, more supportive and capable of enjoying what it finds around it." – JM Serrat.

Unlike the current president, Benito Juárez was a supporter of free markets and the rule of law, while his moral primer and relationship with religious groups distance him from the juarista separation of Church and State. – The Financial, Oct. 20, 2022.

And the specialists also think that Francisco I. Madero would be ashamed of AMLO because he buried the motto 'Effective suffrage, no re-election' and has had no interest in science or modernization or in respecting institutions or freedom of expression and economic freedom. before the nationalization. – Ditto.

“The economy is so bad that many regions of the country only live on the money that migrants send to their families. Blessed remittances”. – Tw AMLO: 3 March. 2016.

“Let us reject provocation and lies. Let us forge unity… Let us exercise the sacred right of resistance to oppression. Any weakness in the face of despotism is anticipated suicide. – P. Munoz Ledo. Aug. 15, 2022.

"The so-called electoral reform today is a true authoritarian setback... it goes against the democratic development that Mexico has had." – Text in networks, Oct. 2022.

“Of the 1996-97 reform, the most important achievement is that of the autonomy of the IFE Council… having independent directors. Not only did it stop depending… on the Interior, the umbilical cord was cut, but the IFE's governing body was already formed taking into account the opinion of the opposition parties”. – AMLO in video/interview, 1999.

* TOMORROW IS SUNDAY marches in the country. Is about citizen demonstrations in favor of a democracy that, over time, we have built the Mexicans (including López Obrador prominently, but already in power he no longer seems to need the INE).

There are many claims (insecurity, impoverishment, corruption, impunity, collapse in health and education...), although what is crucial today is to maintain a degree of democracy that opens up better possibilities for all of us to future.

20 years ago someone called us “pirrurris” and now “wannabe fifis” and even conservatives (although the matter is not ideological) and corrupt (That will be him with some so-called leftists or rightists). It's painful, and he doesn't see anything straight or unapologetic.

If you liked power and do not want to go after your poor government, there are more reasons to make sure otherwise but, yes, by democratic means and with respect for institutions that he detestseven if he insults or assaults us.

Do not assume these today essential priorities for Mexicans: Democracy, Education, Rule of Law, Economic Development with productivity. We already had the first one, but now it is threatened and, once resolved, the other three must take precedence…in that order.

* ELECTIONS IN STATES States show us the polarization that has been caused there by an aggressive and lying individual who does not stop destabilizing and claiming an electoral fraud that was never proven, which could evolve into a worse perspective for Mexico according to omens.




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