We will continue working for the rights of children: Vázquez Mota


Mexico.- Even knowing that much remains to be done in favor of children in Mexico, as legislators we have the commitment to continue working for their rights and their best interests, said Senator Josefina Vázquez Mota, president of the Commission on the Rights of Childhood and Adolescence, when celebrating the Solemn Session on the occasion of the Day of the Girl and the Boy.

Vázquez Mota affirmed that this session is for girls and boys who live surrounded by love, but also for all those who live the hells of violence, cruelty and death.

“Today we are here for all the girls and boys who live in health, but also for all the girls and boys who struggle daily with a disease to recover their health and gain a day of life,” he said.

The senator for National Action said that this celebration is also for the girls and boys who play daily, and that in the game they learn the rules of life; the same for those who work in the countryside and in the city to survive and put food on their tables.

“We are here for the girls and boys whose rights are violated. We are here for the girls and boys who are born in prisons and live in prison with their mothers. We are here for the girls and boys who live in solitude and those who are blessed to live with joy », she asserted.

The federal legislator maintained that the session is for all the girls and boys who are co-opted by organized crime, and who stop being girls and boys to become hit men and hawks; as well as for those who no longer returned to their homes, and for their fathers and mothers who tirelessly search for them.

“Today we are here for all the girls and boys who are part of us, even if they are not in this plenary session of the Senate and that we have not listened to the vast majority,” he stated.

The legislator said that, according to the Inegi, more than 30 million girls and boys from 0 to 14 years of age reside in Mexico, which represents 25 percent of the total population.

From what he said, since girls and boys are a quarter of our population, not only as adults we must teach them, but we must also learn from them and them.

“Because the girls and boys are happy in Mexico and live without fear,” concluded Vázquez Mota.

With information from the PAN

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