We tell you what Lucero found checking Lucerito Mijares’ cell phone


In an activity organized by the Mexican magazine “Quien”, Lucero was able to review in detail the cell phone of her daughter Lucerito Mijares in a video posted on YouTube. There “America’s girlfriend” discovered that her daughter had someone saved as “Don Gelatina” and the teenager had no other choice but to explain who he was.

Lucerito explained that it was his father, the singer Manuel Mijares, because “There is a very funny anecdote, that once he was fighting with his brothers and to get revenge he took the jelly out of the fridge and threw it on the floor, and the brothers slipped, so he is the king of jelly.”

“It’s ‘Don Gelatina’, how beautiful is that,” replied the singer, who also reviewed the saved photos and playlists of the 17-year-old girl.

Really, this dynamic adds to the good relationship that Lucero and Lucerito demonstrate, because in the trips they make or the interviews they share, this mother-daughter duo always show that they are not only family, but also great friends.

“I don’t want to sound too corny, because I don’t like it, but my mom is my everything. She gives me a lot of advice, she tells me when she does and when she doesn’t; What to do and what not to do”Mijares’ daughter also commented on this publication. “My mom is unique, she was able to entrust everything to her without fear of being judged. She always has a solution and I would say that we are the best of friends, ”she added.

Lucero, on the other hand, considers Lucerito Mijares to be a mature, intelligent and grounded person: “She has her own character and personality, I admire her strength and decision-making ability. She is not my copy or her father’s copy and neither she nor she wants to be. She’s not easily swayed by anything or anyone, and we love that.”

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