We tell you the price of Ángela Aguilar's doll

Pepe Aguilar's daughter announced in 2020 the launch of a Barbie-style doll but inspired by her image. The first edition that was launched on the market is dressed in the outfit that Ángela wore in 2018 on the occasion of the Grammy Awards where she was nominated for Best New Artist. and Best ranchera/mariachi album for her album Primero soy mexicana.

It currently has another doll option on the official store site, It is a version of Ángela in the video of Tell me how you want where she appears accompanied by Christian Nodal and that became very famous for the innocence of the subject.

he reason for making her own doll was because Ángela Aguilar wanted to transmit her Mexican roots to the other girls, since we must remember that something that has characterized the interpreter of Tu blood in my body has been the Mexican tradition that expresses through its costumes and imagesince he uses typical Mexican garments that he even wears in his day to day life off stage.

Due to the success of the doll, her father, Pepe Aguilar has expressed his intention to take out other products from the family, that is, he plans to make dolls for other characters that are part of the dynastyincluding animals such as his horses or Gordo Aguilar, who is his puppy.

“We have so many interesting characters, great horses, now in the new edition of 'Jaripeo sin Fronteras'if God allows me, bring a good number of characters that are very good to make dolls”.

The purchase of the doll costs around 30 dpolars, however acquiring it has become a challenge for the fans who have given success to the doll that is out of stock. If you have the opportunity, Angela Aguilar's Barbie can be purchased on her website, which has been on sale since September 2020, obtaining great success.

Angela's version of “Tell me how you want” no longer appears on the site, but it is priced at $45.

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