We reject militarization and propose a change in the public security strategy: Senator Damián Zepeda

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Mexico.- In a press conference, the senator of the Republic Damián Zepeda Vidales, stressed that the senators of the PAN Parliamentary Group are not going to vote in favor of the reform that seeks to continue the militarization of public security in Mexico.

“It is a strategy that has failed in the past, it fails in the present and there is no way that it will guarantee peace in the future. We propose a change in the public security strategy, to strengthen a national civil body that fights organized crime, and that the state and municipal police be strengthened, ”he emphasized.

In addition, he stressed that the GPPAN is against any modification that continues this opinion or merely transitory changes, "since there is nothing that can be drafted that changes the reality that the Government does not comply with the provisions of the Constitution on a Civil National Guard and the strengthening of local police.

“Sorry, but to believe that if you write another transitory, nothing more because it says instead a report every year, it will be every six months, now, I swear, I swear, you really, really will strengthen the state and municipal police,! please Men! To another with that story, it is really naive to think that it will be fulfilled, ”he explained.

Zepeda Vidales stressed that the opposition is in a position to establish the conditions of the negotiation and achieve something positive for Mexico, so the proposals are:

  1. Reject the militarization reform bill.
  2. Open a national debate with the participation of civil society, authorities, experts and other stakeholders, with the aim of achieving a change in the public security strategy to guarantee peace to Mexicans.
  3. We demand a counter-reform to the recently approved and unconstitutional reform of the law that gave command of the National Guard to the Army, violating the constitutional provision of the civil nature of the institution.
  4. Approval in the Expenditure Budget, and the corresponding law, of a Fund for the Strengthening of State and Municipal Police.
  5. Report delivered to the Senate of the Republic, on what has been done to date in the participation of the Armed Forces in security tasks. This, he said, comes in the constitutional reform, but it has not been fulfilled.
  6. Once the foregoing has been carried out, approve a reform that definitively regulates the extraordinary participation, complementary to the police, subordinated to the civil authority and supervised, of the Armed Forces in public security. The foregoing in the framework of the judgment of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. With this, the short-term debate on temporary authorization in this matter would be concluded and legal certainty would be given to the assistance in extraordinary cases of the Armed Forces in security.

“We want to guarantee peace to Mexicans forever and, therefore, we are not going to lend ourselves to a wording that is nothing more than giving atole with the finger,” he concluded.

With information from the PAN

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