"We have opened the gates of hell"

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UN leader Guterres has been especially critical of companies that have, in his words, "tried to block" the energy transition to a zero-emissions economy.

The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterreswarned world leaders this Wednesday that "we have opened the gates of hell" by not acting decisively against the climate changeduring a summit on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly which is celebrated in NY.

"Fire has terrible effects. Farmers watch in horror as floods wash away their crops. Sweltering temperatures give rise to disease. And thousands flee in fear as historic fires spread," he said in his opening speech. of the Climate Ambition Summit.

However, the Portuguese leader is confident that there is still time to limit the increase in temperatures at 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial limits, but to do so, he assured, we must "end the million-dollar subsidies for fossil energies and tax carbon", among other measures.

Guterres has been especially critical of companies who, in their words, have "tried to block" the energy transition to a zero-emissions economy, "using their wealth and influence to postpone, distract and deceive."

He has also shown sympathy towards the less industrialized countrieswho suffer the most devastating impacts of a climate crisis to which they have not contributed, and who are stuck in an unsustainable debt situation with the richest nations.

In this sense, he has asked that rich nations fulfill their commitment to dedicate $100 billion annually to mitigate the effects of climate change in poor countries, which was agreed in 2009 and has so far not been carried out.

The UN Climate Ambition Summit will take place throughout today, within the framework of the High Level Week of the United Nations Assembly, which is taking place these days in New York.

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