'We didn't deserve to lose': Mohamed after Pumas' defeat against América

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The Argentinian Antonio Mohamedcoach of Pumas de la UNAM, complained this Saturday because América piled up people in their defense in the match in which they beat the felines 1-0 on the tenth day of Apertura 2023.

“We expected an America attacking, not getting behind, but today their history changed with this game. They all went back and played on the counterattack, to defend themselves, we have to learn to open up teams that present themselves to us like this,” said the coach.

The duel held at the Azteca Stadium before 72,000 fans was locked and fought in the midfield in the first half. Colombian José Caicedo was injured for Pumas. In the second period the local team scored thanks to the Uruguayan Jonathan Rodríguez.

Mohamed recognized the bad taste for falling in the derby in the Mexican capital against the staunch rival.

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“The defeat hurts us a lot. It was a difficult game due to many circumstances, but I am sure that we have earned respect for the approach. We didn't deserve to lose. You have to lick the wounds quickly, chew it quickly and prepare better for what is coming, there is nothing more,” he stressed.

According to the helmsman, his leaders they played an almost perfect match from which they left without points due to an error.

“We played a good game, we had it under control, We expected more attack from America. We needed to finish the plays well, because otherwise we didn't suffer at the back, but a detail in that penalty play marked the fate of this match."

Regarding the shouts and slaps that members of his bench experienced with those of his rival, the Argentine preferred to keep it as part of the codes that football has.

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“I have always said that what happens on the field should stay on the field, In the end what happened, happened; There is nothing to say about it.”

The defeat left Pumas in the sixth position with 15 points, product of four wins, three draws and three falls.

On the eleventh day of the contest, the cats will host Querétaro next Wednesday.

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