“We defend and promote the New Right Agenda.” Interview with Raúl Tortolero (second part)

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Mexico City.- Raúl Tortolero He is a Doctor in Human Rights and Founder of the International Cristero Army, in addition to being a pro-life, pro-family and pro-Hispanic activist. He still belongs to National Action Party (PAN)despite the disagreements he maintains with the current leadership.

Friend of this journalistic house (LYCANTHROPY), was with us on Saturday, September 23, 2023 to talk about political issues related to the upcoming presidential succession. The meeting took place in The Wolf Cavethe headquarters of LYCANTHROPY.

The second and last part of this interview included the following topics (summary is attached):

I.- National Cinematheque: “trans women” in the women's bathrooms.

The last few days, in National Cinemathequea “trans woman” (biological male) entered the bathroom intended for women, causing the users' annoyance because they considered that a “man dressed as a woman” is still a man and, therefore, should not invade women's exclusive sanitary spaces. The security force of the National Cinematheque intervened and caused a tremendous scandal; an apparently calculated scandal.

Days later, and in reaction to said event, “trans women” were presented at the National Cinematheque to vandalize the facilities and to steal products from the candy store. There were no criminal consequences for this gang robbery.

Raúl Tortoleroa human rights specialist, condemns these types of events and considers them a violation of women's human rights: Now it turns out that "trans" women enjoy privileges over "ordinary women", since they must submit to the opinions, prejudices and abusive behavior of “the trans community”. Women have to put up with the discomfort caused by “progressive” gender policies. These types of invasions are very aggressive for the women themselves, says Tortolero..

Thus you lose the “equality before the law”fundamental principle of Rule of law: one more example of “LGBT supremacism”tells us Raúl Tortolero; even more so since public institutions validate that “self-perceived identity” which, our interviewee tells us, is an issue that must be addressed by the Psychiatry more than for him Right.

II.- SCJN and the total decriminalization of abortion.

“The Supreme Court has turned out to be a fraud”he says forcefully Raúl Tortolero When referring to the recent resolution of the SCJN that completely decriminalizes the practice of abortion in Mexico. The highest institution of justice at the national level, the one that must defend fundamental rights, due to pressure from the lobby feminist has spoken out against right to life: this is one clear contradictiontells us Raúl Tortolero.

The trust that many citizens placed in the SCJNbecause it has not behaved as a true counterweight to the dictatorship of the López Obrador's “soft socialism”. Except for some minor disagreements, The SCJN has aligned itself with the social agenda of MORENA: LGBT and feminist supremacism, abortionism, “gender ideology”, etc.

"He abortion "It is not a human right: it is a crime, it is a violation of the right to life, which is the most fundamental of all rights," he maintains. Tortolero. It is part of the UN Agenda 2030, “of which we are all slaves as long as we do not rebel”. From the government of BRUNETTE and from the SCJN That agenda is being imposed in Mexico. and reminds us Tortolero who has been one of the main promoters of the Agenda 2030 in the Senate of Mexico: Xochitl Galvezmember of the opposition fake.

III.- The New Right and Eduardo Verástegui as a candidate for the Presidency of Mexico.

Raúl Tortolero tells us that the New Rightwhich he defends and promotes, aims to retire the Old Right who was a gobalist, liberal, atheist or non-religious, an economist and a warmonger. Instead, the New Right She is religious (basically Christian), conservative, popular, patriotic and pacifist. “God and religious values” are in the center of the New Rightbecause the human being is made for transcendence, tells us the cristero leader.

The New Right Agenda It revolves around seven points: faith, life (from conception to natural death), the natural family, private property, the country, freedoms and universal rights. Anyone who agrees with these points can be part of the New Righttells us Raúl Tortolero.

And of course the support of Tortolero to the actor, producer and activist Eduardo Verastegui It has to do just with the New Right Agendagiven that Eduardo Verastegui He is one of the greatest representatives and disseminators of it throughout the American continent; In fact, he has been an advisor to the magnate and politician donald trump.

Tortolero reminds us that it was Eduardo Verastegui who brought to Mexico City, in November 2022, a chapter of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)a global organization that was born in 1974 with intimate ties to the US Republican Party. the same Tortolero He participated as a speaker at said event and for him there is no doubt: Eduardo Verástegui is the only real opposition option against the AMLO-MORENA regime.

Carlos Arturo Baños Lemoine (text, video and photo) / Editor in Chief of “El Arsenal. “Digital Newspaper”

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