We blew the fence! Imagen Television will surprise in 2024

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For seven years, Image Television It has become an information reference for Mexico.

Its constant efforts to question and present content with credibility, creativity and passion have become a hallmark of the house, and for 2024, a particularly special year due to all the events that are scheduled, it has a very appetizing menu:

The presidential elections in the country, the coverage of the Paris Olympic Games, the broadcast of the Baseball World Series, the renewal of some of its entertainment programs and the premiere of new content, were only part of what was presented yesterday at Upfront 2024, which took place at the facilities of City Image.

A party full of friends, collaborators, business partners and clients where the contents of a creative box are revealed, that's what happens when Image Television announces its projects. The television station, with less than 10 years of existence, showed that next year, the objective is to win the audience's choice, the gold medal in sports coverage and to remain in the public's taste.

The team of the information spaces of Image Television is preparing to provide impartial coverage during the electoral process, which will take place in 2024. “Coverage in the election will be won Image", shared Ciro Gómez Leyva and Pascal Beltrán del Río during the presentation of what will be the Destination 2024.

“It has been seven years and the first feeling is that it is an effort that has given many results, so there is joy and it is a day-by-day job, what we have achieved is not useful for the program tonight or tomorrow, but this is how we have lived and we are here and it has been seven years and that gives us a lot of joy.

“I am going to learn about part of the offer today, but in what corresponds to us, what corresponds to the commitment to make the best project for a year that looks to be very important, relevant and significant in the history of this country, so Our project is to try to make the best informative television of all, that is the objective,” shared Gómez Leyva, head of Image Newsin an interview with Excelsior.

“A 2023 that ends with many uncertainties and a prelude to 2024, which can be a complicated year economically and politically and for a journalist it is a privilege to attend one thing or another. Without a doubt, it is a journalistic commitment to tell the audience the stories that lie ahead of us and to tell the audience the information they should know regarding the process that we are going to experience,” added Pascal Beltrán Del Río, editorial director. of Excelsior.

For his part, Francisco Zea did not fail to point out that 2024 will be a year in which such thoughtful changes as the alternation of power, not from one party to the other, but from a man to a woman, could be possible, which gives an incredible content opportunity.

“I am very happy, you don't know what this company wants, how much we have grown together, I am very happy to present to all the people the projects it has Image for next year, for 2024. We are facing the most interesting year in a long time, especially because of the very real possibility of alternation, of a woman taking the presidency of Mexico, something that we journalists always asked, but that Today it is a reality,” said the communicator.

For seven years, Image Television Everything is questioned and now more than ever, when 2024 is a year of information opportunity.

In addition to the commitment to the electoral process, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are an event to put all the meat on the grill.

In 2020, the Tokyo Olympics gave the opportunity for the television station to join the coverage and next year it will do so again.

“84 percent of the audience was ours, that is, 28.6 million Mexicans watched the Olympic Games in Image Television. We were the second place for coverage in Tokyo,” shared José Ramón San Cristóbal. He, Pablo Carrillo, Javier Alarcón and Eduardo Videgaray will be in charge of giving that special touch to the coverage of the sporting event, which will take place in the French capital in the summer.

But this sports bet is not only limited to what comes next year, from now on Image Television has its sights set on one of the most popular sports in the country. Baseball has become a space in which everything can be shared, even a batting cage in the lobby of the company facilities that, today, is the home of the beautiful game.

“Baseball has given us the opportunity to reach the World Series this season, which is very long, but we have already reached the great conclusion and we have it here exclusively. It is very important for people to see sports and we have done a great job of bringing this to people for free and we are going to do it with these final games, Mexico is a very baseball-loving country, there are very good fans.

“The fact of having the MLB (Major League Baseball) exclusively, one of great prestige, fills us with pride,” shared Poncho Vera, who added that it will be from this Friday that the final games will begin to be broadcast. of the 2023 Baseball World Series.

But the bet is not only aimed at political and sporting events, the shows are an indispensable part of the foundations of Image Televisionso, in 2024, this area will also have the opportunity to renew itself.

“A very exciting year of very serious things is coming, like an election in 2024, not only for president, but for several governorships and congress and in Image Television We are ready to face those challenges, but also from the point of entertainment because it is the basic basket of the Mexican family.

the sun rises It is a morning news program in the heart of the Mexican family that has a lot of content and is constantly renewed, and for 2024 it is no exception. We are going to have new hosts, companions and sections, so always generating new content for our audience,” Jean Duverger told Excelsior.

After the transmission of Genesis and The Rich Man and Lazarus, Image Television will bet on Kingsscheduled for November 6 and Family Piggy Bank.


  • In 2020, 28.6 million Mexicans followed the Tokyo Olympic Games through Imagen Televisión.
  • In 2024, Divina Comida will premiere its third season.
  • Imagen Televisión is the third favorite channel for housewives.
  • The channel has been on air for more than 61 thousand uninterrupted hours.
  • Among the guests of the evening were also Luis Epelstein, owner of CV Directo, and Fernanda Campos, director of the global media and communications agency PHD Media México.
  • At the end of the presentation of the contents, a group of drag queen singers gave a small show with songs by Luis Miguel, Yuri and María José, formally starting the party.
  • The evening was entertained by DJ Axel, who made a selection of music that ranged from reggaeton, disco music, rock in Spanish and electronica.

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