'We are an old school band'

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A little over 20 years ago, four Canadian boys ventured into the world of music with a post punk and alternative rock project that reflected how chaotic and fun the last years of the 90s were. Thus, Simple Plan was became one of the emblematic bands of a new generation of young people who were eager to find their own identity.

Two decades later, six studio albums and many changes and advances in technology, the group has adapted to the speed of the world, and along the way they have discovered that those young people who were looking for their identity like them at the end of the last century , now they are the adults who continue listening to them and who have passed the pleasure on to their own children... who now follow them through social networks.

It is incredible to see at the shows the kids who are going to a concert for the first time with their parents and it turns out that they are going to see us, who are now parents too, we are still a band old school, but without a doubt we have had to adapt. With social networks everything is much faster, you post a song and in seconds you know if people are going to like it or not, it's super crazy and very different from how it used to be when we started. It's exciting to see when we release a song at midnight and we stay reading the comments, it's super interesting and exciting to have that feedback with the public in such an immediate way, and at the same time it can be stressful, because of the amount of opinions there are, but especially in this time when everything is consumed very quickly.

Before we had a record or a cassette and you had to listen to the whole thing over and over again, you could hardly skip the songs, but you can't be a dinosaur and stay in the past, you have to evolve, and I think that's the difference there is between the guys who started 20 years ago and the guys now, but we still have the same passion and the same love and dedication that we had on our first album,” shared Chuck Comeau, drummer of Simple Plan, in a virtual press conference.

And in that spirit of not becoming a dinosaur and continuing to evolve, Simple Plan discovered, in the middle of the pandemic, the madness and reach that can be had on a platform like TikTok, and even more so when young people are the ones who upload a song to any type of challenge.

Our style is not to dance and have choreography, but they actually told us that we had to see what was happening on TikTok with our song and at that moment we didn't pay much attention, but a few months later we decided to pay attention to it and it was crazy, it had millions and millions of views, so we finally saw what it was about and realized that in the pandemic, with our children not going to school, we did not feel like part of a band, but like parents teaching their children at home, and then we knew that many people were listening to us through TikTok for the first time and others were discovering us for the first time.

So we decided to dive into that, embrace it, and go on TikTok with it. I'm Just a Kid Challenge and it was crazy, two years later we are still experiencing that exchange from our fans online, they are a priority, we think it's really fun because we saw that you can be yourself and do what you want and not become a TikTok band, but be real in the app and the fans arrive alone, and it is a fact that we would not have reached so many fans so quickly otherwise, so yes, social networks are a very powerful tool that gives us the opportunity to reconnect with those who forgot or that they left, it is incredible on that level and also because you can talk to a completely new generation,” added the musician.

It will be next October 12 when the band returns to the stages of Mexico City to perform at the Palacio de los Deportes Pavilion. The country has become one of their favorites to play since, according to Comeau, there is a special connection between the band and its audience.

I don't want you to think that I say it in every conference or interview, but there really is something unique between Simple Plan and Mexico, we are very grateful for the way people have received the band. We can't wait for the concerts. Mexico is like the second place in the world where our music is heard the most,” said the drummer who, after the country's capital, will perform at the Tecate Coordenada Festival in Guadalajara.

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