Water crisis in Uruguay decreases after rains | News

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The water crisis in Uruguay abated due to the latest rains that allowed the level of reserves of the Paso Severino reservoir to increase for the tenth consecutive day, from which drinking water is extracted for the capital, Montevideo, and its surroundings.


Uruguayan government rejects warnings about water crisis

On Sunday, July 16, the reserves stood at 6.5 million cubic meters, 1.5 more than the previous day when they barely exceeded 5 million, indicated the official report prepared by the State Sanitary Works (OSE) and by the Ministry of Public health.

However, due to the intense drought, the reservoir is still at 9.3 percent of its capacity.

On the other hand, the quality of the water begins to normalize and recover its historical levels, reaching the lowest figures since the Government declared a water emergency on June 19.

However, people who suffer from diseases such as hypertension, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, cirrhosis, among others, should avoid drinking OSE water as much as possible, according to the agency itself.

The quality of the vital resource has been affected because, due to the scarcity, the OSE began to add brackish water from the RĂ­o de la Plata since the beginning of the year.

International experts such as the special rapporteur on the Human Right to Drinking Water and Sanitation, Pedro Arrojo-Agudo, warned that 60 percent of the population has been harmed by the increase in water salinity.

They also denounced that the underlying problem is its overexploitation, especially by some industries in the country, for which they urged the Uruguayan government to prioritize the use of fresh water for human consumption.

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