Water arrives from El Cuchillo II to Monterrey; Samuel García, historic day

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Early this Friday morning the water to the city of Monterreycoming from the recently inaugurated El Cuchillo II dam, reported the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Garcia.

In his account of state representative indicated that, at 04:44 hours, the water from said dam had already traveled through the pipeline, to reach Monterey.

This is a historic day for Nuevo León,” said Samuel García hours later, from the San Roque Water Treatment Plant, located in the Municipality of Juárez, where he confirmed the arrival of the vital liquid.

Water from the knife, dad! I hope you bring a suit because I'm going to invite everyone here to the pool. No, no, just kidding, we have to take care of the water,” said Samuel García, emphasizing that this Friday, September 22, “is a very important day for this great State; I dare say what a historic day it is.”

This, by highlighting that despite challenges such as being a semi-desert entity and "the obstacles and criticism of the opposition", which sought, he said, to confront his administration with the Federal Government managed to carry out this great hydraulic work that “will relieve the city of Monterrey for 10 years” regarding the lack of water, he stated.

García Sepúlveda pointed out that to face the problem, It required “coordination, drive, taking out your wallet, putting together any effort.” And for the good of society we came together, we removed grids, we removed electoral issues, we removed parties, and we began to pull water every day," in order to carry out the project of the Presa el Cuchillo II, with a total investment of just over 12 billion pesos, shared between the Federal and State Governments.

There were “those who wanted us to fight with the Federation. Every day he fucks and fucks tying knives,” said Samuel García, assuring that he will not confront the federation, and announced that “new coordination programs are coming,” with the Government of López Obradorfor the next few months, without specifying which ones.

NL has great potential in 40 and 50 years, we are not going to stop, great projects are coming, teaming up with the federation, and they are going to be left wanting to see us fight,” he said.

Water from El Cuchillo II to Monterrey

The pipeline, which is one hundred kilometers long, was inaugurated on September 13, with the presence of the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. In this first stage, 1,200 liters of water will be received per second and when it operates at its maximum capacity, between October and December of this year, it is expected to receive 5,000 liters per second, according to what is projected by state authorities.

We are a semi-desert region, the challenges have made us very hard-working and there is no challenge that can stop us,” concluded the governor, who was accompanied by Mariana Rodríguez Cantú, from AMAR to Nuevo León; Juan Ignacio Barragán Villarreal, General Director of Water and Drainage Services of Monterrey.

Through his morning press conference, the president of Mexico, Lopez Obradoralso announced the arrival of the vital liquid to the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey.


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