Was it criminal? Controversy breaks out against Chivas after 'hug' in the area

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The referee's decision Daniel Quintero Huitrónin the match between Toluca and Chivascaused controversy because the whistler He did not score a penalty in favor of the Devils after a 'hug' by Gilberto Sepúlveda within the area.

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The added time of the first period was running when the 'Choricero' team got dangerously close to the Guadalajara goal. It was then when the Brazilian forward, Pedro Raulstood with his back to the goal, let the ball pass and moments before hitting the ball with his left foot, the 'grab' on the part of the Rojiblanco defender he did not allow the shot on goal.

Once again, and despite the complaints of local players, Quintero Huitrón did not go to review the play on the screen that controls the VAR; The referee in charge of video refereeing was Fernando 'Singer' Warrior.

* Gilberto Sepúlveda was cautioned in the 14th minute of the match, so the null review prevented a possible second yellow card for the Guadalajara defender.

With the 0-0 on the scoreboard In this meeting, corresponding to the Day 10 of the Opening 2023both teams would be outside the direct qualification zone for Liguilla.

The directed by Veljko Paunovic they would reach 15 points after 11 games played as a result of 4 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses (7th), while the Devilswith 14 unitsthey would be just behind the Flock (8th) after their three wins, 5 draws and two losses.

Classic Tapatío, in sight

He next meeting of the Guadalajara team It will be against his greatest rival from La Perla Tapatia, Vs Atlaswhere the red and black two positions are found ahead of the flock solely for Goal difference.

For its part, Toluca will visit Tigres on Wednesday, October 4 in the 'Volcano' and will close the double day against Querétaro on Sunday the 8th at noon.


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