Warn of rising inflation in the UK | News


The Office of National Statistics (ONS, acronym in English) of the United Kingdom registered this Wednesday the rise of 9.1 percent of the consumer price index during the month of May, the highest compared to the last 12 months.


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In this sense, the entity specified that the costs of food and non-alcoholic products increased by 8.7 percent in annual terms in May, the highest figure since March 2009, and was also the trigger for year-on-year inflation last month.

He also added that the largest upward contributions to the annual inflation rate of the consumer price index came from housing and home services with 2.79 percent, distributed mainly in electricity, gas and other fuels.

“The significant increase in food prices and record gasoline prices were however somewhat held back in May by a smaller increase in clothing prices and a reduction in the prices of computer games,” he said. ONS Chief Economist Grant Fitzner.

Likewise, the contributions to low inflation that offset the variation in rates were the items of recreation and culture, with 0.10 percent; and clothing and footwear, with 0.08 percent.

According to the Bank of England, inflation is estimated to remain above nine per cent in the coming months, before peaking above 11 per cent in October, when regulated household energy bills will rise. .

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