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Veterans and ex-combatants of the war in El Salvador mobilized this Tuesday in the country to demand that the Government provide decent housing and land to cultivate them, as well as an increase in pensions in the 2024 budget.


They denounce the dangers of militarization in El Salvador

The veterans gathered in the Divino Salvador del Mundo square, to march from there to the Presidential House, in order to demand from the Executive the payment of a dignified compensation, as well as the inclusion of this sector in the general budget of the nation of the next year.

"We are going to present a demand for an increase in the budget for next year," they referred from the mobilizing space, "so that they cancel our $300 pension (which is currently $100) and begin the payment of compensation," they said.

For his part, deputy Jaime Guevara said that it is also necessary to "incorporate into the 2024 general budget of the nation, social programs, an increase in health, and pay the internal debt: Veterans, older adults, etc."

“Less advertising and more public investment,” he said.

The mobilization was extorted by elements of the Order Maintenance Unit (UMO) on the Manuel Enrique Araujo boulevard, near the Parque de Pelotas.

After some time, at least five veterans, representing the rest, were authorized to deliver the official request for their demands to the Government, by means of a letter, while the rest of the protesters remained waiting for a response from the Presidential House.

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