War situation in Gaza on November 4, 2023

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On the other hand, Israeli forces have attacked several electrical generators, including that of the Al Wafa hospital, and have bombed solar cells in residential buildings and the Al Amal Institute for Orphans, reported Salamah Maruf, spokesperson for the Gaza government.

Israel attacked a children's hospital and a school this Saturday to the north of the Gaza Strip where thousands of civilians displaced by the war were taking refuge, killing at least 17 people and injuring more than 70, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

"The massacre of the Al Fakhoura school committed by the Israeli occupation this morning has left 15 dead and 70 injured", while another attack by Israeli forces at the door of the Al Nasr children's hospital has caused "two deaths and many injured", the Gazan ministry has denounced.

Some 4,500 Palestinians from the area of ​​Beit Lahia and Jabalia, in the north of the Strip, were taking refuge in the Al Fakhoura school - a shelter designated by the United Nations agency for displaced Palestinians (UNRWA) - when it was bombed, according to Gazan sources.

"A girl who was left under the rubble asked the paramedics who rescued her: Will you take me to the cemetery?" commented a spokesperson for the Gaza Ministry of Health.

On the other hand, Israeli forces have attacked several electrical generators, including that of the Al Wafa hospital, and have bombed solar cells in residential buildings and the Al Amal Institute for Orphans, denounced Salamah Maruf, spokesperson for the Gaza government, controlled by the political arm of Hamas.

These attacks occur a day after Israel bombed an ambulance convoy who was evacuating wounded people from Shifa hospital in Gaza City, leaving 15 dead and 60 injured.

The Israeli Army, which bombed despite the Ministry of Health having warned of its intention to evacuate wounded to Egypt, justified its attack by arguing that an ambulance was being used by "a Hamas terrorist cell", but offered no evidence of this. .

Gaza health authorities described the events as "a crime", while UN Secretary General António Guterres said he felt "horrified".

Pressure for a ceasefire

On October 7, Israel declared war on Hamas after the Islamist group carried out a massive attack on Israeli territory that left more than 1,400 dead (mostly civilians), 5,400 injured, and at least 241 kidnapped in Gaza.

Since then, the Israeli Army has bombed the enclave incessantly and, a week ago, began a ground incursion that advanced to Gaza City, the main city in the Strip.

The Israel's military offensive on the Palestinian enclave has left almost 9,500 dead (mostly children and women), more than 24,000 injured and some 1.5 million displaced, who suffer extremely difficult living conditions due to the collapse of hospitals and serious shortages of drinking water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel .

"The Israeli occupation has deliberately attacked 105 health institutions and has left 16 hospitals and 32 primary care centers out of service," denounced the Gaza Ministry of Health, stating that 150 health workers have died and 27 ambulances have been destroyed in these attacks.

This announcement comes amid growing international pressure for a humanitarian ceasefire.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Israel yesterday for the third time since the war broke out to mediate a ceasefire, but was met with a resounding refusal from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Evacuation of wounded

The shortage of medical supplies, personnel and electricity has aggravated the condition of many wounded and sick, which is why Egypt has authorized specific openings of its border with the Gaza Strip for the evacuation of patients, as well as for the departure of foreigners and the provision of humanitarian aid.

This border crossing, called Rafah, is expected to open this Saturday for the evacuation of wounded people, while the Israeli Army announced that it will allow, for three hours, the passage of civilians heading towards the south of the Strip.

"The Israel Defense Forces will allow passage today along the Salah al Din road between one (1:00 p.m.) and four (4:00 p.m.) in the afternoon. For your safety, take advantage of that moment to move south, beyond Wadi," a town in the central Gaza Strip, said Avichay Adraee, a spokesman for the Israeli Army, on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

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