War Russia: Video | Can Ukraine cross the Dnieper River at Kherson? | Videos

Air superiority and the surprise factor are the two key elements for the success of a river-crossing military operation, as Juan López Díaz, a retired Marine Infantry colonel and AEME member, explains in this video. And Ukraine, a priori, he could not count on either of them if he tried to cross the Dnieper to continue his counteroffensive against Russia at Kherson, on the shores of the Black Sea. In November he got Putin’s forces to withdraw from the only provincial capital they had managed to control since his invasion in February. But then the Ukrainians were stopped by the river, and since then the enemies have taken the opportunity to fortify their defensive lines. Would it be possible for them to attempt the crossing later? López Díaz answers that question, along with two other experts, in the video that accompanies this news item.

The other two specialists are Félix Arteaga, principal investigator at the Elcano Royal Institute, and Christian D. Villanueva, director of the journal armies. They all agree that this is an extremely difficult operation and that Ukraine probably does not have the necessary material to carry it out. “It does not have the means of disembarking or to save the river, nor to supply troops south of the river in conditions,” says Villanueva. “What is becoming known indicates that it has been a very well planned, planned withdrawal, all the forces have withdrawn, they have not allowed themselves to be pocketed, they have occupied positions,” Arteaga adds about the Russian defenses.

The Alternative: Zaporizhia

The alternative for Ukraine to avoid having to cross the Dnieper could be in the Zaporizhia province, partially occupied by Russia. Local troops hold territory there on the eastern bank of the river, and could launch a ground offensive, reinforced with the western Leopard and Abrams tanks they will receive in the coming months. From there they could also push the invading army towards the Crimea and the Azov Sea.