War of Ukraine and Russia, live | Moscow has killed six civilians a day in Ukraine in the last six months, according to a UN report | International

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What has happened in the last few hours

These are the main news of the war at 20:00 on the 588th day of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine:

Ukraine says it has caused casualties among Russian forces after an assault in Crimea. This Wednesday, Ukraine confirmed the information indicated by Russia this morning in which it denounced an attempt to land Ukrainian forces in Crimea that was thwarted by the Russian Army. Although Kiev confirms that there were casualties, the operation served to inflict "significant personnel losses" on a unit of Russian paratroopers, the representative of Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) Andri Yusov said on Wednesday.

Zelensky: “There is fatigue, but we will do everything to defeat our enemy.” The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, gave an interview to Italian television SkyTg24 this Wednesday in which he assured that his country will do everything necessary to win the war against Russia, which began on February 24, 2022 with the invasion by part of the Kremlin troops from the neighboring country. “There is fatigue, but we will do everything to defeat our enemy, and our counteroffensive is advancing, so even if it is slowly we will do everything to expel our enemy,” Zelensky said, referring to the counteroffensive that Kiev launched in June to try to reconquer the territories that are under Moscow control in the east and south of the country.

NATO is urging the arms industry to increase its production capacity. The arms industry needs to increase production of weapons and ammunition as "the bottom of the barrel is now visible" due to the war in Ukraine, the head of NATO's Military Committee (the highest military official in the NATO) said on Tuesday. Alliance), Admiral Rob Bauer. NATO has been pushing to increase defense production to meet demand for weapons and equipment, skyrocketing since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, as allies not only rush supplies to Kiev but also build up their own inventories.

Sunak urges allies to “give the necessary means” to kyiv to “finish the job”. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Wednesday asked allied countries to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine to “finish the job” and stop the Russian invasion, at a time when military aid from some Western nations appears to be in question. “I tell our allies that if we offer the necessary means to President Zelensky, the Ukrainians will finish the job,” said the head of the conservative government in a speech on the last day of his party congress in Manchester (northern England).

FIFA approves the return of Russian youth teams to competitions. In the wake of the World Cup being awarded to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, FIFA has announced that it approves the return of Russia's youth teams (under-17) to international competitions, in accordance with the decision adopted last week by UEFA. . However, this permission is conditional on the teams playing under the acronym of the Russian Football Federation and not under the name "Russia", and not using its flag, its anthem, or its uniform.

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