War in Ukraine warns of “tyranny and turmoil”

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned on Saturday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine offers a preview of a world where countries with nuclear weapons can threaten others, saying Beijing, like Moscow, wants a world where the use of force is imposed.

Austin made the remarks at the Halifax International Security Forum, which is held annually and brings together security and defense officials from Western democratic countries.

“The invasion of Russia offers a glimpse of a possible world of tyranny and turmoil in which none of us wants to live. And it is an invitation to an increasingly insecure world haunted by the shadow of nuclear proliferation,” Austin said in a speech.

“Because Putin’s fellow autocrats are watching. And they might well conclude that obtaining nuclear weapons would give them a license to hunt for their own account. And that could lead to a dangerous spiral of nuclear proliferation,” he added.

Austin rejected Putin’s claim that “modern Ukraine was entirely created by Russia,” calling it a vision of “a world where autocrats decide which countries are real and which countries can be extinguished.”

He added that the war “shows the whole world the dangers of disorder. That is the security challenge we face. It is urgent and it is historic. But we are going to reach it… The basic principles of democracy are under siege all over the world,” he commented.

Last month, US President Joe Biden declared that the risk of a nuclear “Armageddon” is at its highest level since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis; Russian officials have mentioned the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons after suffering huge setbacks in the nearly nine-month-old invasion of Ukraine.

Although US officials have warned for months that Russia could use weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine in the face of battlefield setbacks, Biden administration officials have repeatedly said nothing has changed in US intelligence assessments. to indicate that Putin has imminent plans to deploy nuclear weapons.