War in Ukraine: Video | This is how the civilians who remain in Mariupol live after the Russian siege | Videos

Russia has begun its new phase of the invasion for the “liberation” of the Donbas region and its first objective is to finish taking control of Mariupol, the port city on the Sea of ​​Azov. The town has been bombed since the beginning of the war, but in recent weeks military operations have intensified even more in this territory. The Ukrainian authorities point out that there are currently 100,000 people living among the ruins of this city. When the invasion began, it is estimated that this city had about 430,000 inhabitants. In the video that accompanies this news you can see the harsh conditions they have faced since the beginning of March: from that moment they no longer have access to electricity, water, food, gas or communications.

Mariupol is practically controlled by the Russian Army, but its troops are now focusing the assault on the Azovstal steel mill, the main focus of the Ukrainian armed resistance in the city. At least a thousand civilians, including mainly women, children and the elderly, also take refuge in these facilities.

The priority of the invading power is to take control of the entire Donbas region to end the war operation that began in 2014, when the Kremlin gave its support to the pro-Russian separatists in the Donestk and Lugansk provinces.

In this video you will find:

  • Current drone footage of Mariupol.
  • Images of the conditions in which the residents who remain in the city have had to live for weeks.
  • The testimony of some neighbors who continue to live in this city.