War in Ukraine: Video | This is how a rocket hit Kiev | Videos

Early this Monday morning, Russian troops have bombed a nine-storey residential building in the Obolon neighborhood of Kiev. The mayor of the city, Vitali Klitschko, has assured in his Telegram account that at least one person has died in the attack and another 10 have been injured. At the same time he made public another attack on an aircraft manufacturing plant at the Antonov cargo airport, 10 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital, where two other people have died. Klitschko has recorded a third attack: a rocket has fallen on the Kurenivka highway, also in Kiev, in which another person has died and six have been injured.

In the video that accompanies this news you can see the moment in which the rocket fell, very close to a person who was walking down the street. The subsequent images show the crater it has left in the asphalt and the damage caused to the building and several vehicles.

Russia and Ukraine have sat down again to talk this Monday, by videoconference, to try to reach an agreement after 19 days of war. Kiev, as previously announced, wants a ceasefire, the withdrawal of troops and security guarantees for the country. This new conversation between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations comes after those held at the Belarusian border, first, and in Turkey, later, between the foreign ministers of both countries with the mediation of Ankara.

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