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Zelensky: “We are doing everything possible so that the agreement [sobre los corredores humanitarios] work”

The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelensky, has assured this Saturday in statements collected in a video that in the talks held in Belarus between Russia and Ukraine “the groups agreed on the first step to restore at least one percent of humanity in the besieged cities ”, referring to the opening of humanitarian corridors in Mariupol and Volnovaja. The Ukrainian authorities have denounced this Saturday that the Russians were breaching the ceasefire agreed for five hours to allow the departure of civilians. “We are doing everything possible to make the agreement work,” said Zelensky, who stressed that “humanitarian corridors will work to save people, especially women, children and the elderly, and to provide food and medicine to those who remain” .

In an attempt to lift the spirits of the Ukrainians, Zelensky has been confident that he will soon be able to tell his “people” that they can return from “Poland, Romania, Slovakia and other friendly countries”. “We are thinking about the future of Ukraine when the war is over, how to revive our cities, how to restore the economy,” he exclaimed.

The Ukrainian leader has also spoken about the number of casualties in the Russian Army, which he has raised to “almost 10,000”. “It’s a horrible figure”, he has lamented, because “they are 18, 20 year old boys”, soldiers who “were not told why they were sent to fight”. (Reuters)