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Warsaw says kyiv will likely have access to a missile site on Polish soil

Jakub Kumoch, the Polish president's chief foreign policy adviser, said Thursday that Ukraine will probably have access to the site where a missile exploded last Tuesday, killing two people in the Polish town of Przewodow, located in the southeast of the country, just six kilometers from the border with Ukraine. kyiv on Wednesday demanded access to the blast site so it could investigate the remains of the rocket after NATO claimed it was caused by the impact of a Ukrainian missile launched to defend against a Russian attack.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Wednesday that granting Ukraine access to the site of the explosion would require the agreement of the two countries leading the investigation, namely Poland and the United States. Along the same lines as NATO, the Polish government said yesterday that the explosion was probably caused by a Polish missile launched to shoot down a Russian rocket.

“The Ukrainians requested access to the investigation site. If the two parties agree, and as far as I know there will be no objection from the Americans, that access will be given soon," Kumoch told TVN 24 television, where he also added that Warsaw has graphic evidence. of the explosion. "There is, in fact, video material, but I am not going to talk about this content that I have seen because it is classified, but of course that material exists," he pointed out. “They are normal photos from the border, in which you can see some things. You can see attacks on Ukraine and, at a certain point, in a short period of time, you see a certain sequence of events," added Kumoch, who did not provide further details but said he wants kyiv to access this material.

The director of the Polish National Security Agency, Jacek Siewiera, has also told the radio station RMF FM that the Polish president is not opposed to Ukrainian observers accessing the site of the explosion. (Reuters)

In the photograph, which is Wojtek Jargilo For Efe, three Polish soldiers walked through Przewodow yesterday Wednesday after a missile fell on this Polish town on Tuesday.

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