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Egypt-hosted Gaza Peace Summit closes without joint final declaration

The Peace Summit for Gaza and the "Palestinian question" organized by Egypt in Cairo ended today without a joint final declaration from the 34 countries and international organizations that participated in the meeting. Egypt, the country that called the meeting, has issued a note in which it appreciates the effort to seek consensus above political or religious positions to address this crisis and the situation in Israel and Palestine, and for its common position when " see the importance of reevaluating the international strategy to address the conflict."

Sources from the Spanish delegation have evaluated the meeting positively, despite the absence of a final declaration, for being a "very important" step to mobilize the international community towards the reactivation of the fight for the coexistence of two States, Israel. and Palestine, defended by both Spain and the European Union for years.

From the first moment it was noted that among those attending the meeting there was a consensus in support of the idea of ​​reactivating the "two-state" solution and coexistence for the Israel-Palestine conflict. All those who expressed their opinion at the beginning of the meeting were categorical in defending the same ideas: the coexistence of two States is the only viable solution to the conflict, civilian lives must be protected everywhere and humanitarian aid must be able to enter the Gaza Strip.

Also noted, however, was the gap in sensitivity between the Arab world and the West when it came to assessing the situation of the Palestinians and the responsibilities for their situation. In fact, Arab sources have informed EFE that the final declaration has not been produced, despite the agreement on many issues, due to the European refusal to hold Israel responsible for the deaths of civilians and to demand a ceasefire.

In its closing statement, Egypt and its president, Abdel Fattah al Sisi, stated that the initiative sought to "establish global consensus" to reject "violence, terrorism" and with requests to stop the ongoing war that has caused the death "of thousands of innocent civilians in both Palestine and Israel." Also, that the rules of international and humanitarian law be respected "which underline the vital importance of protecting civilians and not exposing them to dangers or threats."

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