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Guatemalan civil, indigenous and peasant organizations mobilized this Thursday against political and judicial corruption in the country, reaching the headquarters of the Public Ministry (MP) and demanding a transparent election of the next attorney general.


Protests continue in Guatemala against judicial corruption

The walk also reached the facilities of the Constitutional Court and the Congress of the Republic, where representatives of the mobilization rejected that deputies left “so as not to receive the demands of the population that is already tired of a corrupt government and looters of the people’s resources.

Among the slogans raised by social organizations, during the so-called march for dignity, he highlighted the request for a Public Ministry without mafias, as well as “Caps up, Consuelo Porras out”, “Without corruption, Guatemala will flourish”, “No we have plenty of resources, we have plenty of thieves in public office”, among others.

For its part, the Peasant Unity Committee (CUC) stressed that they demand that the election of a new prosecutor to the Public Ministry be transparent, and highlighted that women leaders in training for women’s human rights have joined the days of struggle and resistance.

The organization stressed that these mobilizations, on their third day, also expressed their rejection of the high cost of living, corruption in the Government and in the justice system in Guatemala.

“We demand a country free of corruption and mafias in the courts and governments,” the CUC emphasized through its social networks.

Other activities carried out in this context included the sit-in initiated on Wednesday by the Social and Popular Assembly in the Plaza de los Derechos Humanos, in front of the Supreme Court of Justice, to express their rejection of the possible re-election of Consuelo Porras as prosecutor for a new period.

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