‘Wake up America’ gave Charytín back his emblematic show: ‘Escándalo Tv’

Charytín Goyco was this Monday as a guest at ‘Despierta América’ to present her first autobiographical book, ‘El Tiempo Pasa… Pero Yo No!’… What ‘la Rubia de América’ never imagined is that Univision’s morning show would have a morning full of surprises for her, and He even returned the famous program that marked an entire era of entertainment, ‘Escándalo TV’.

Charytín presents his book ‘Time Passes… But I Don’t!’. Photo: HarpersCollins

Chary arrived at ‘The Happiest House on Hispanic Television’ surrounded by the love of Karla Martínez, Jessi Rodríguez, Alan Tacher, Raúl González, chef Yisus Díaz and Carlos Calderónwho received her with hugs, kisses and great memories.

Among the many surprises that ‘Despierta América’ had for him, in this kind of tribute to his life and careerbrought physically, virtually and on video to their colleagues from ‘Escándalo TV’ the entertainment and entertainment show that marked an era in the 10 years that it lasted on the former Telefuturacurrent UniMás.

Charytín spoke about his first book with the presenters of 'Despierta América'
Charytín spoke about his first book with the presenters of ‘Despierta América’. Photo: Mandy Fridman

The first to join was Felipe Vielwho appeared while Raúl González was interviewing her… The

That time was one of the most powerful in my entire life, the popularity that that show gave us was so great that at that time I could not go out on the streetthe people were something out of series because they reached the heart”, recalled Chary.

Chary with Felipe Viel
Chary with Felipe Viel. Photo: Mandy Fridman

While Felipe Vile made a great confession to his partner at that time: “Working with Chary is like going to Harvard in communications, it’s a university. ‘The Scandal’ was a university of lifeand I’m not just talking about the program, which were good things, the limitations we had at the production level, at the beginning we didn’t even have a satellite, the artists called by phone… I try to explain to my children that at that time there was no Facebook . Chary taught me not only a passion for work, but a passion for life“, Said the Chilean presenter.

It didn’t end there because Lilia Luciano joined virtually, who many years ago left the world of entertainment to dedicate herself to news and in English.

“I live all your achievements and your news through your Instagram and Sharinna’s, I couldn’t follow them in person because I’m about to go live in the news… I owe you so much, because I had the university of life and the most intense experience next to you, today I have not found anyone who works so hard and who dedicates so much to his career, to every detail like you Charyand I try to remember when I’m in the field and I don’t sleep for 4 days”, Lilia told him.

Chary with Raúl González before receiving their surprises
Chary with Raúl González before receiving their surprises. Photo: Mandy Fridman

But not everything was there, Tanya Charry, who was a reporter for the show, joined from Los Angeles. “It was a wonderful time, I have never met a woman as disciplined as Charytín Goycoshe told me, ‘you can have a lot of talent, but without discipline you don’t get anywhere’… One of the great tips that told me, ‘you can be sad, but whoever is watching you is not to blame, you have to have a big smile‘” the mother-to-be told him.

Another of the presenters of ‘Escándalo Tv’, Marissa del Portillo also said present, but through a video she recorded and sent: “I did not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate my Chary for his book… I love the title, it was the perfect one, we all always ask ourselves: ‘what does Chary do?’I want to express to you what a great honor it has been for me to be able to work with you for 10 years.I thank you very much for everything you taught me, to love God the way you do, to love my husband the way you love yours… I send you all my love and I hope that soon we can all meet ” .

Who also sent a video was Gabriela Teissier, the journalist who was part of the first stage of the show, but resigned to move to Los Angeleswhere he is currently on the local morning news.

I send you a super big hug on this new anniversary of ‘Escándalo’, Felipe, Marissa, Chary, you don’t know how fondly I remember it, I love that you are launching this book“.

And so, 11 years after an abrupt and unexpected end, one of those that are by decision of executives and never of the public that watches them, the executive producer of that emblematic show, Luz María Doria, and as fate would have it, the current vice president producer of ‘Despierta America’, returned to his Chary what, against his will, he had to tell him was endingstory of ‘The Blonde of America’ recounts in her book in the chapter she titled, ‘Unemployed’.

The executive producer, Luz María Doria takes a photo with all her talents: those of today and those of yesterday
The executive producer, Luz María Doria takes a photo with all her talents: those of today and those of yesterday. Photo: Mandy Fridman

As we told you at the beginning of this article, the surprises did not end there in an ‘Despierta América’ almost dedicated to Charytín, in addition to participating in ‘El Reboltillo’; then in the segment of doctor Juan Rivera, one of the most beloved spaces arrived and only dedicated to the great visits ‘Do you remember?’….

Chary was surprised by the arrival of his daughter Sharinna
Chary was surprised by the arrival of his daughter Sharinna. Photo: Mandy Fridman

Their children appeared there, virtually Shalim and Alexander, and with bouquet in hand and without expecting it, Sharinna arrivedwho is not only his right hand, his daughter adviser, but also assures that she became his ‘mother’.



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