Waiver of legitimate defense


Francisco Garfias.

The president’s speech that the legal monopoly of violence should not be used to fight crime is not very convincing. AMLO clings to the dogma of “hugs, not bullets” and forgets the obligation of his government to defend citizens.

His refusal to modify the failed security strategy has cost Mexico more than 120,000 deaths. He has already exceeded the number of intentional homicides committed in the first 42 months of the governments of Salinas, Zedillo, Fox, Calderón and Peña Nieto.

There are the statistics of the specialists –such as Tresearch Internacional–, available to anyone who wants to go beyond the “other data.”

The Tabascan assures that he gives results without violating human rights. He argues that he has already removed the hotbed of youth for crime. Is he serious? What is he based on? The decomposition is obvious. Only the blind do not see it.

But he preaches, from his morning pulpit, that evil cannot be met with evil.

“Evil must be confronted by doing good, and peace is the fruit of justice. That is the new strategy: address the problems, the causes, so that people live happily, so that there is no disintegration in families”, he underlines.

Sounds good. He even looks like Gandhi. But you have to ask yourself: do people live happily in a country where today the bullets overshadow the hugs? Criminals steal, kidnap, extort, kill without mercy. They know that nothing will happen to them. There is no dissuading them.


Alejandro Moreno wants to be a presidential candidate. He says it openly. He is convinced that if an internal election is held for the tricolor standard-bearer in 2024, there is no one to overshadow him in the PRI.

Hence, that strong, challenging style, very far from the one that earned him the nickname of AMLITO. He managed to shake off that stigma with his position against the Electricity Reform, despite the pressure exerted on the tricolor caucus from the National Palace.

The government of Morena already took its toll. Through Layda Sansores, Governor of Campeche, she leaked recordings in which the national leader of the PRI is heard dealing with suppliers for the governor elections in her state. “It’s a smokescreen and they’re not going to intimidate me,” she turns around.

We can anticipate that this Monday he will offer a press conference at the PRI’s CEN. “He is going to go with everything” against Morena and his government, they assure those around him.

That stance has given points to wing –as he likes to be called- with the base of his party. The Michoacan deputy of the PRI, Roberto López, aspiring to lead the CNC, swears that, at least in his state, the leader of the tricolor “is fashionable.”

The main anger that Moreno has to achieve his goals is not within the tricolor. Nor that his name does not appear in the polls on the presidential candidates.

The former governor of Campeche knows that in order to have an opportunity to remove Morena from the National Palace in 2024, it is necessary to maintain the coalition with the PAN and the PRD. The correlation of forces indicates that the PAN has the upper hand. Frankly, we find it very difficult for the blue team to say to the PRI “Yes, sir, come on…”, no matter how much Alito repeats that the opposition’s presidential candidate cannot be a right-wing man.


Before the presidential election is that of the State of Mexico, the jewel in the crown. Alfredo del Mazo leaves in 2023. Another test for the coalition.

On the PAN side there is only one visible candidate: Enrique Vargas del Villar, coordinator of the PAN group in the Congress of the State of Mexico.

Three candidates from the PRI with possibilities compete with him: Alejandra del Moral, Ana Lilia Herrera and Ernesto Nemer.

A fourth, Elías Rescala, leader of the PRI caucus in the Mexican Congress, dropped out of the race yesterday. “I have no other aspiration than to serve my state from the Chamber of Deputies until 2024,” he said in a message that he made public.

In the July 2021 elections, the PRI obtained one million 800 thousand votes; the PAN 900 thousand. In this case we see it difficult for the tricolor to release the candidacy to Vargas.


National annualized inflation, cut to March 2022, was higher than medicines, says the Mexican Pharmaceutical Institute (INEFAM), based on INEGI data: 7.45% and 5.91%, respectively.

And yet, the rise in prices of expectorants and decongestants, contraceptives, and anti-flu, was higher, in the same period, than national inflation: 11.09%; 9.28%, 7.53%.

Homeopathic and naturopathic medicines, on the contrary, registered lower inflation in 2022: 2.97 percent, points out the INEFAM document.


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