Waiting for sanctions: What are the possible punishments for Gallos Blancos de Querétaro?

What happened at the La Corregidora Stadium in Querétaro raised indignation within Mexican soccer and also outside its borders, where public opinion has called for exemplary sanctions for those responsible for the acts of violence.

Although it has only been known about the sanctions that exist in the MX LeagueUntil now, the scope of the fines and some other decisions that should be taken after the excesses carried out by fans of Gallos Blancos de Querétaro have not been determined.

At the moment, the Liga MX sanction regulations state in its chapter V, article 50: The sanctions to which the local club is entitled for the inappropriate conduct of the entertainment groups and the general public are warnings and/or fines of 200 to 2000 UMAs (Unit of Measurement and Update) as determined by the Disciplinary Commission ”. The Measurement and Updating Unit (UMA) is the economic reference in Mexican pesos to determine the payment of obligations such as fines and taxes.

For repeat offenders, the Disciplinary Commission makes the decision

According to the regulations, in the case of recidivism, the Disciplinary Commission would determine a sanction depending on the seriousness and the circumstances, also depending on whether there were any prohibited objects and injured in the acts of violence.

In case of injuries, regardless of the sanction imposed, the club will pay the damages suffered by those attacked, which must be proven by means of a medical certificate and tax receipts. Likewise, the Sanctions Regulations specify that a Liga MX affiliate could lose his affiliation if he commits a serious offense and/or violates or fails to comply with any regulation on more than one occasion.“, indicates part of the regulation.

No response from Concacaf and FIFA

The Concacaf and the FIFA were the international organizations that condemned the acts of violence that occurred in the match between Gallos Blancos de Querétaro and Atlas FC, however, the confederation only limited itself to giving its opinion on the matter and supporting any decision of the Mexican Football Federation and the MX League.