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The weapons fall silent when it no longer serves any purpose to continue firing. Many indications bring us closer to the point where it is possible to imagine a negotiation between the contenders, the Russian invader and the Ukrainian invader. Jake Sullivan, Biden’s security adviser, has acknowledged that there is a back-channel, a hidden channel between the White House and the Kremlin, just to avoid nuclear escalation, although the discussion on the conditions of the ceasefire and then the content of the peace agreements will be unavoidable. Thus was resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the last time the world was on the brink of nuclear war.

Ukraine has not appeared in the electoral campaign, despite the fear of blocking military aid in the new Congress and the presidential weakness that a humiliating Trump wave would have meant, which would have propelled the former president in his claims for 2024. Although they are numerous the trumpists who came out of the polls, the real estate tycoon who never wanted to lose appears as one of the biggest losers, on the way to cede control of republicanism to Ron DeSantis, re-elected governor of Florida and a serious competitor in his presidential aspirations.

It does not seem, therefore, that the mid-term elections mean a setback for Volodymyr Zelensky. Congress plans to approve a final military aid package for Ukraine before the end of the legislature, in case the new chamber turns off the tap, but it is most likely that the republicanism magnetized by DeSantis will distance itself from those who trusted Putin more than in the United States secret services when he was president.

Putin preferred another outcome. With a Trump tide, Biden would be tied hand and foot. American democracy, more discredited. Reduced his leadership ability. Now, this election cannot even be interpreted as a severe defeat in case he ends up narrowly losing control of both chambers. The date of 2024, dreamed of by Trump for return and revenge, was also Putin’s appointment with the interlocutor he was interested in to end the war and sign peace to his liking. For Europeans, after Trump’s anti-Atlantic experience, in any case it continues to be an appointment with their own responsibilities in the defense of the continent. Just in case.

Peace is far away. The legitimate demands for territorial restitution, justice, reparation and indemnity, and security so that the attacked country will not be attacked again in the future will not be resolved at a stroke of the pen. But the armistice is urgent, with sufficient guarantees so that it is not a tricky pause in Russian rearmament. The initiative unquestionably corresponds to Zelensky, although perhaps Biden will still have the strength to become its architect. The results of the elections also speak of Ukraine despite the fact that the voters did not take it into account.

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